CAF, a century of progress and success

Since its foundation more than 100 years ago, CAF has been noted for its capacity to innovate and to tailor its products to meet the needs of each and every customer.


Civity UK for First Group and Arriva UK

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Civity UK for First Group and Arriva UK
Fully automated metros for Helsinki and Santiago de Chile


Fully automated metros for Helsinki and Santiago de Chile

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The launch of OARIS, the 350 km/h High Speed Train

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The OARIS high speed train


The launch of URBOS the catenary-free tram

Suburban train exterior in Mexico


The first concession for CAF: the construction of the Suburban Railway System of Mexico

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The first train fitted with CAF traction equipment


Production and delivery of the first variable-gauge dual-voltage High-Speed train


Inauguration of the Integrated Technology Centre for Rolling Stock

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1996 -2000

International consolidation of the Company

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1980 -1996

Reorganisation and revamping of the factories

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Plaque commemorating birth of CAF. Text engraved on the plaque: Compañía Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles, 1943, Beasain

1971 -1973

Construction of a new factory in Zaragoza

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Old freight wagon made by CAF


Incorporation of the "Compañía Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles S.A." with registered offices at Beasain. Core activity: the manufacture of freight wagons

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Old train wagon made by CAF


Zaragoza: Incorporation of "Carde y Escoriaza". The first tram manufactured in Zaragoza.


Beasain: Former ironworks, reconverted into industrial workshops for wagon repair and assembly.